Ball Cribs 9th November 2019

JOIE DE VIVRE  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)                                  I van Maarseveen  RSCDS Bk 39

 1- 8     1s set, cast 1 place, 1s dance down between 3s & cast back to 2nd place on own sides

 9-16    2s+1s+3s turn RH & chase 1/2 way round clockwise

17-24   3s+1s+2s dance DoSiDo, set & 1/2 turn partners RH for Allemande

25-32   3s+1s+2s dance Allemande


MAXWELL'S RANT  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)                                Rutherford  RSCDS Bk 18

 1- 8     1s cross down to dance reflection reels of 3 on opposite sides

 9-16    1s cross down to dance reflection reels of 3 on own sides

17-24   1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place & dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 2s

25-32   1s lead down between the 3s, cast up to 2nd place & 2s+1s+3s turn partners RH


THE BLUE MESS JACKET  (S4x32)  4C set                             D Henderson  Kinclaven Bk

 1- 8     2s followed by 1s lead down the middle, 1s cross & cast up to top & turn in to face 2s who have danced back to place

 9-16    1s dance 1/2 reel of 4 with 2s & 1/2 turn partner RH to face 3s, 1s dance 1/2 reel of 4 with 3s & 1/2 turn partner RH to face 4s

17-24   1s dance 1/2 reel of 4 with 4s & 1/2 turn RH & continue turn to end in 4th place opp sides & all set

25-32   All Petronella to centre & set, Petronella to own sides & set


THE CHEQUERED COURT  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)                    D Brown  RSCDS Bk 42

 1- 8     1s cross RH, cast 1 place, 1s dance 1/2 Figs of 8 (Man round 2s & Lady round 3s) & end facing 1st cnrs

 9-16    1s dance Pass+Turn with 1st corners & 1s twirl round in centre to face 4th crnrs, 1s dance Pass+Turn with 4th crnrs & twirl round to face own sides

17-24   1s dance 6 bars of Double Triangles & end with 1L btwn 2s facing 2L & 1M between 3s facing 3M

25-32   1s dance reel of 3 across giving RSh to 4th corners & 1s cross RH to own sides


POLHARROW BURN  (R5x32)  5C set                                       H Foss  Glendarroch SD Sheets

 1- 8     1s & 3s cross RH, cast 1 place & dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round couple above them

 9-16    1s & 3s turn RH then LH (long turns) to face 1st corners while 2s & 5s 1/2 turn RH & chase clockwise to other end of set

17-24   1s & 3s dance 1/2 Reels of 4 with 1st corners then 2nd corners

25-32   1s & 3s dance 1/2 Reel of 4 with 3rd corner, turn ptner LH & cast down 1 place own sides.  2 4 1 5 3


           MIDSUMMER COMMON (S8x32) 3C (4C set)                        Tom & Lindsey Ibbotson Book 49
           1-8       1s set, ½ turn RH, lead down, cross below 3s, cast up to 2nd place own sides (2s step up 5-6)
           9-16     1s set advancing to 1st corners & turn 1st corners 2H finishing 1M between 3s, 1L between 2s.  1s set advancing to 2nd corners, turn 2nd corners 2H &                 retain 2nd corner’s LH
          17-24   1M+2s also 1L+3s circle 3H round to left, 1s pull back Rsh to face up/down set. 1s set, petronella turn to 2nd place own                 sides

25-32   2s+1s dance Pousette


MAJOR IAN STEWART  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)                          J Drewry  RSCDS Bk 35

 1- 8     1s+2s 1/2 turn partners RH & dance RH across 1/2 way, 2s+1s full turn partner RH ending with 2s at top & 1s in 2nd place

 9-16    2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on own sides (1L dances in & up as 1M dances in & down to start) & 1s end facing 1st corners

17-24   1s set to 1st corners then to each other across the dance, set to 2nd corners & Petronella turn to 2nd place own sides

25-32   2s+1s+3s circle 6H round to the left for 6 steps, pivot & chase back to places


THE RUTLAND REEL  (R8x40)  3C (4C set)                                                        R&M Senior

 1- 8     1s set & cast 1 place, 1s cross below 3s & cast up to 2nd place opposite sides

 9-16    1s+2s dance Ladies Chain & end 1s facing down.

17-24   1s dance reel of 3 on sides giving (RSh to 3s) & 1s+3s 1/2 turn RH.  2 3(1)

25-32   3s+1s dance Mens Chain & end 1L end facing out with partner ready to follow her

33-40   1L followed by partner casts up & crosses to own side to end 1s in 2nd place own sides, 1s+3s circle left once round

           MACDONALD OF KEPPOCH  (M-S64+R64)) Sq set                            Chris Ronald Book 49

1-8       1s+3a dance 6 bars R&L (men polite turns) to finish in centre BtoB with partner facing side couples (1L+2L, 1M+4M,3M+2M). All set

9-16     Reels of 4 across. Finish in line up/down with Ladies (in middle) facing, 1M facing down, 3M facing up

17-24   Reel of 4 (1L+3L pass RSh) all pass LSh at ends, RSh in middle. Finish in original places facing ptners

25-32   All set, all turn partner RH 1  1/4  into promenade hold and dance 1 place anticlockwise.Repeat from new positions in Strathspey then twice in Reel time back to original places                                                        


JAMES GRAY  (J4x32)  4C set  3s & 4s on opp sides                          R Burrows  RSCDS Bk 42

 1- 8     1s & 4s cross RH, cast 1 place, 1s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 2s while 4s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 3s

 9-16    1s+4s dance R&L & end 1s facing up & 4s down

17-24   All dance RSh reel of 4 on sides & end 1s+4s in line across (Men in centre RSh to RSh & 1M LSh to 4L & 4M LSh to 1L)

25-28   1M+4M 3/4 turn RH while Ladies dance anticlockwise 1/4 way round, Men 1/2 turn other partner LH to bring Ladies into centre

29-32   1L+4L 3/4 turn RH while Men dance anticlockwise 1/4 way round, Ladies  3/4 turn Men LH to end 1s in 3rd place opp sides & 4s in 2nd place


TRIP TO TIMBER RIDGE (R8X32) 4C set                                             Linda Henderson Book 52

1-8       1s turn RH, cast (2s step up) then 1L+2s and 1M+3s dance RH across, 1s ending facing 1st corners

9-16     1s dance Corner Pass&Turn with first corners, pass RSh and repeat with 2nd corners. 1s pull back RSh to end BtoB in centre facing opposite sides

17-24   2s+1s dance Double Triangles.

23-24   1s petronella turn to 2nd place own sides

25-32   2s+1s+3s circle 6H round and back


JEAN MARTIN OF ABERDEEN  (S3x32)  3C set                      M Johnstone  3 Dances 2006

 1- 8     1s turn RH & cast 1 pl, all circle 6H round 3/4 way to left & end in lines of 3 across (Ladies face down & Men up)

 9-16    All set & change places with ptnr RH, all circle 6H round 3/4 way to left & end in mid facing up.  3 1 2

17-24   All dance Allemande

25-32   1s+3s dance the Bourrel to end 2 3 1 : -

            `1M+3L set advg, 3/4 turn 2H & twirl to end BtoB (up/down middle L facing up & M down) while 1L+3M chase anticl’wise 1/2 way to face prtnr

            `1s+3s set to partners & turn 2H to own sides having changed places


TORRIDON LASSIES  (J8x40)  3C (4C set)                                J Brenchley  Kangaroo Paw

 1- 8     1s cross & cast 1 place, 1s dance LH across (1L with 2s, 1M with 3s) & end facing 4th corner

 9-16    1s set to corners then to partner up/down the dance & end facing 1st corners, turn corners RH & pass partner LSh to face 2nd corners

17-24   1s dance 1/2 diagonal reel of 4 with 2nd corners & pass LSh to face 3rd corners, 1s set to corners then set to partner across the dance & end facing 4th corners

25-32   1s turn 4th corner (pstn) RH & pass partner LSh to face 1st corners, 1s dance 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 1st corners & pass RSh to BtoB (1M facing up)

33-40   1s dance RSh round 2nd corners & 1/2 Fig of 8 (1L up, 1M down) while 2s+3s set & cross RH, set (facing up/down) & change pl RH on sides.  2 1 3


SCOTT MEIKLE  (R4x32)  4C set                                               A McLean  Laurieston Coll 1

 1- 8     1s cross RH & cast to 2nd place, 1s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 2s

 9-16    1s+3s dance RH across, LH back

17-24   1L followed by 3L dance Tandem reel of 3 across with 2s (1L ends 3rd pl) while 3M followed by 1M reel of 3 with 4s (3M to 2nd pl)

25-32   1s+4s dance 1/2 R&L, turn partners RH 1.1/2 times


 THE BELLE OF BON ACCORD  (S4x32)  4C set                     J Drewry  Deeside Bk 2

 1- 8     1L & 3L cross down 1 pl & cast up on opp side into centre as 1M & 3M dance across & cast down into centre, 1s+2s & 3s+4s dance RH across

 9-16    1s & 3s dance reel of 4 up & down centre of dance

17-24   1s & 3s 3/4 turn RH to face up while 2s & 4s dance up on sides & turn in to face down & all set, all circle 4H round to left & end on sides

25-32   1s & 3s lead up between 2s/4s crossing over & cast down 1 place, 1s & 3s turn 2H & 1s lead down to 4th place as 3s cast up on own sides to 2nd pl


INCHMICKERY  (J5x32)  5C set                                                 R Goldring  14 Social Dances

 1- 8     1s+2s circle 4H round to left, 1s dance in & cast to 3rd place

 9-16    1s dance RH across (Lady with 3s & Man with 4s), pass RSh & dance LH across with other couple

17-24   1L+2M also 1M+5L turn RH, 1L+5M also 1M+2L turn LH (1s end 3rd place own side)

25-32   1s dance in & cast to 5th place, 5s+1s circle 4H round to right.  2 3 4 5 1


RAMADAN-CE  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)                                          J Drewry  Turkish Set

 1- 8     1s dance Inveran Reels with 2s+3s

 9-16    1s cross RH, cast 1 place & turn RH to face 1st corners

17-24   1s dance RSh round 1st corner, pass RSh & dance RSh round 2nd corner to end 2nd place opposite side while 1st corners dance in, 1/2 turn RH, twirl & dance out to each others place, 2nd corners dance similarly.  (3)(1)(2)

25-32   1s dance 1/2 reels of 3 across (Man with 3s & Lady with 2s), 1s dance 1/2 RSh reels of 3 on own sides (Man Down, Lady up)


MISS ELEANOR   (S3x32)  3C set                                                             Ann Dix  Book 49

1- 8      Mirror reels of 3 on sides (1s start by going in and down)

 9-16    1s set and cast off, turn RH to face out and cast to their right, ready for

17-24   3 couple Bourrel

' 1M+3L also 2M+1L set advancing diag and ¾ turn 2H to line up/down middle & twirl to face own partners  while 3M and 2L chase anticlockwise to face partner

  All set to partner and turn 2H to own sides   3 1 2

25-32   Circle 6 hands round and back


THE BEES OF MAGGIEKNOCKATER  (J4x32)  4C set        J Drewry  Canadian Bk

 1- 8     1s cross RH & cast 1 place, dance RH across with 3s & end 1M+3L also 1L+3M in prom hold facing out to pass corner person RSh

 9-24    All dance 4x1/2 Reels of 3 on sides (to right to start, then left, right & left) with 1s+3s changing partners in centre at end of each 1/2 Reel to progress Men clockwise & Ladies anticlockwise.  End in centre 1s facing down & 3s facing up

25-32   1s dance between 3s turning 3s with nearer hand 1.1/2 times, crossing over to own sides & turn 4th person 1.1/2 times (Men RH & Ladies LH)


THE MONTGOMERIES' RANT  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)            Castle Menzies  RSCDS Bk 10

 1- 8     1s cross RH & cast down to 2nd place, cross LH & 1L casts up while 1M casts down

 9-16    1s dance reels of 3 across, 1L with 2s & 1M with 3s

17-24   1s with nearer hands joined (Lady on Mans left) set to 2L & turn inwards to set to 3M, set to 3L & turn inward & set to 2M

25-32   2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides 1s giving RSh to 2nd corner, 1s cross RH to 2nd place own sides