Forthcoming Events

We meet on Fridays from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
(September to July) at:
Viking Community Centre, Radcliffe Way,
Northolt UB5 6HW.






Saturday 11th November 2017

Scott Meikle                                                                         Reel  4x32
Jenifers Jig                                                                                Jig  8x32
    Miss  Eleanor                                                             Strathspey  3x32      
Spring Fling                                                                           Reel   8x40
Midnight Oil                                                                             Jig   5x40
City of Belfast                                                            Strathspey  3x32
Nottingham Lace                                                              Reel   96 Bars
The Weathercock                                                                    Jig   8x32
 Foxhill Court                                                                 Strathspey  8x32
Queens View                                                                          Reel  8x32

The Hazel Tree                                                                          Jig  8x32
The Dancing Master                                                                 Jig  96 Bars
Trip to Applecross                                                                 Reel  6x32
Kinfauns Castle                                                           Strathspey  5x32
The Coopers Wife                                                                      Jig   8x40
Swiss Lassie                                                                              Reel  8x32
Swan on the Tay                                                           Strathspey  3x32
James Gray                                                                                  Jig  4x32 

Enquiries: Margaret Wallace 01895 633642


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Viking Community Centre, Radcliffe Way, Northolt, UB5 6HW


St Peter & St Paul's Church Hall, St Peter's Way, Harlington UB3 5AB